I've now seen the play "A Few Good Men" twice and it's ridiculously good. I'm going to go to the closing performance tonight, too. I missed Jensen's stage door appearance yesterday, because I thought he wasn't going to do that sort of thing anyway and I was really tired. It was 11 pm in Ft. Worth, which is like 6 am in Germany. My roomie Michele stayed and got autographs from almost everyone ( most importantly, of course, from Jensen). My reaction was something along the lines of "NoOooOOOOoooOOOO! Why am I such an idiot! Why didn't I stay?!" Oh well, I'm gonna try again today. I don't even care that much about the autograph itself (Jensen's looks like a bicycle... I can't even make out any individual letters :D), but I wanna get some pictures of him.
I had a seat in row E, section 1... that was sooo close to the stage!

The meet-up at the Ol' South Pancake House was so much fun! I laughed till I had a headache. A room full of SPN fans!!! XD There were almost 70 fangirls there, giggling and perving and whatnot. Crazy times. ;)

EDIT: I missed the most important thing: Jensen's pants (the khakis) were kinda see through, you could see his tigthie whities! And he bends over a lot!!! Ahahaha! (Must get self under control!)
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SPN in German

So.... a couple of days ago I thought to myself "Why hasn't Supernatural premiered in Germany yet?". But then I found out that it HAS, just on pay-TV (the channel's actually called Premiere). Of course I got really curious what Sam and Dean's voices would sound like in the German version, and what better way to find out than to go to the internet's #1 source for illegal streaming videos? YouTube! There's actually a whole ep uploaded there, 1x03, Dead in the Water (German title: Tod im See, very original).

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Okay, so this is my big lj comeback! Wheee! *crickets chirp*
Uh, so I finally changed my layout (thanks, premade lj community!) and now I really want to post stuff.

I'm not sure if there are many Smallville fans on my friends list, but if anyone wants this book:

... just comment and I'll mail it to you. It's like new! I'm not that much into Smallville anymore and I prefer fanfic anyway. It's pretty good though, it's basically about Clark and Lex only (which is why I bought it in the first place, it was all about the Clex for me).


Well, what can I say, I'm so Saiyuki obsessed. ^_^ Just watched episode 17 again with my brother, who for some weird reason hadn't seen it yet. Have now seen it at least four times... and it's not even one of the good episodes, just filler crap. *sighs* Oh well.

This is the doujinshi I'm lusting after right now:
Must have it! Funny thing is, I don't think anyone else but me is going to bid anyways, as the cover is a picture of Sanzo's FOOT only!! XD So unless there's some Saiyuki fan out there with a raving foot fetish, that baby's mine (I'm pathetic, I know). But wait, is that a condom next to Sanzo's foot? ^____^

What I am doing right now: Reading the FAKE manga #6 simultaneously in German and Japanese. Am mighty proud of myself whenever I manage to understand a whole speech or thought bubble in Japanese without having to look at the German translation first.
What I should be doing: putting all my stuff in big boxes so I'll be ready when my family and I move to Aschaffenburg on Wednesday.

Well, at least I won't have to worry about university for a couple of weeks at least because it's natsu yasumi/ summer break. The American History test went well, I think. I just hope the Salem Witchcraft Trials really were in 1692.
As it seems I also passed the Japanese test from hell. Went to Sotomura-sensei a couple of days afterwards and he told me I was a taihen taihen taihen ii gakusei. Yay. Then he tried to convince me to apply for a scholarship in Japan because my grades were good enough. I'm still undecided about that, would really like to go to Japan (and have someone else pay for everything), but for a whole year? Eh, dunno.
Talking to Sotomura-sensei was a very embarrassing thing as always. He's a strange little man. He knows almost no German (though I wouldn't put it past him that he just doesn't want to) and only speaks very broken and hard-to-understand English - it took me half a year just to figure out that when he says beesikiri before a sentence, it means 'basically'.
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here i am

Well, I've now been a livejournal member for about 5 minutes and already i don't like my username.

Will have to find out how this thing works and then try to personalize my stuff.